Legend Shepherds

Welcome to Legend Shepherds…..my name is Candee and I’ve been involved with german shepherds since I bought my first one when I was 18 years old. Although he didn’t turn out to be the show dog I wanted, I did fall in love with the breed and the passion to show german shepherds.

Through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to make some great friends and work with some “greats”…..Jack Newton, my mentor, Lorraine “Schokrest” Schowalter, who entrusted me with several lovely bitches, including “CC” and “Triumph”. Lorraine and Roy were very dear to me and those around them. My dear friend, lleana, whom I’ve known since our days in California…..her knowledge of the breed is tremendous, the Ginsbergs, the Martello’s…….just to name a few. They all had the kindness and patience to share their knowledge of the breed.

Throughout the years, I’ve breed a small amount of litters. Some of those dogs went on to be “show” dogs, others seeing eye dogs, search and rescue and most of all companion dogs. I’ve always strived to breed a dog that is healthy, in mind and in body, as not all of them become champions……it’s the ones that go on to homes to become part of someone’s family….that truly represent what we breed for.


All of our dogs that we breed at Legend are genetically tested, OFA certified, hips and elbows. We work hard to have titles on both ends, as this breed is not only beautiful, they are smart! Our dogs are our family, and live with us in our home, therefore, we don’t breed often. When we do, we try to pick the best of what is available in the hopes to obtain what every breeder dreams of…..


So, welcome to our site. Please enjoy our dogs and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us